Night/Day Out With The Girls

We all need some girl time to distract us from the lamentations of a man’s world. Our husbands and boyfriends may be our best friends, and our sons our whole universe, but sometimes, every woman needs that day or night out with a bottle of nail polish, a cheesy movie, chocolates, pizza and a female companion to talk it out with. It may be a day out with our daughters, our mothers and grandmothers, or school friends or a night out with your office friends. Whichever the case may be, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect girls day/night out.

Plan it out – make time for yourself

Most of you will be too busy with packed up schedules from taking kids to dance class to business meetings to yoga classes. It is important to pick a date which is most comfortable for everyone and is a convenient location to meet up at. If you still have a meeting or a class you need to drop your child at, ask someone else to do it for you and make sure to make time for yourself. It is not a crime to take time off for yourself once in a while. Do some shopping, find something interesting to wear, cruise through the dancewear online and maybe even buy dance wear for your night out. Book a reservation at the salon to groom yourself up and get a little dressed up for your friends. Remember, that this is your night to have fun and to shake all the problems and worries piling up on your shoulders. Order in with a movie or dress up and go to dinner at a fancy restaurant, whichever the case, do not let this meet up become a burden where you are forced to host.

Reduce Expectations

True, you have not had a day out with your friends in a really long time and you are very excited to have a day out. However, remember that your friends are most likely going through the same situation and have not been out with friends in a long time. You have all got so caught up with other things in life that you no longer have the time to simply meet up and chat. Planning this day or night out is important, but do not expect it to be the same as it was when you all were college students without a care in the world. You might not have the same energy, your priorities have changed, some may even have to leave early to check up on kids and tuck them to bed. Have realistic expectations set before you and get ready for a very different night out to what you used to remember.

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