Ideas On What “Special Gifts” You Can Gift Yourself For A “Special Occasion”

Once in a while, life has a mysterious way of throwing you those odd ball that you find hard to juggle. More often than not, those odd moments are there to teach you a valuable lesson and to show you that you can get through it. Regardless to whether the outcome of it is a happy one (like a difficult merger or business project) or not so happy one (like a break up), if you got through them, then you deserve a reward.

Buying a gift like this has two uses. One, it gives you a little pat of self-appreciation, and two, it gives you a token or good memory to look back on.

If you don’t know what you can do to give yourself this well-deserved reward, then fear not!

Read on to find out our ideas and tips.

For the busy personas, who are nearly burnt out?

More often than not, sometimes, a simple day off, just to be yourself can be a huge reward. Sleep in, rent a few movies, and spend a few hours soaking in the bath. Use the day to read a book or spend the day exclusively with your family.

If you feel like it, go out for a ride or spend the day in the park. Try meet your friends in a relaxing environment. A picnic will be ideal.

For the homebodies that need to leave the nest.

If you’re big “battle” was something related to your family or your home, then perhaps the biggest gift you could give yourself, is to put a little distance from it. it doesn’t have to be a long holiday. A simple weekend vacation or getaway will feel amazing, and it will give you better memories for the rough time. A back packer’s holiday can be both exiting and it will successfully distract you from the things you’ve left behind.

For those who want a tactile memory.

Buying yourself jewellery is always fun. But what if you try something different this time, like body jewellery? Something like bellybutton jewellery or nipple jewellery can definitely be out of the ordinary for you.

But if you feel uncomfortable going for nipple jewellery, then opt for something like a nose stud or ring, if that suits you more. Of course, no one’s stopping you from buying the usual bracelets and chains! It is for your happiness, after all. Check this site is the perfect place to have a latest trend jewellery.

For the bodily weary.

We know that in most case scenarios, it’s not only the soul that’s weary. Dealing with difficult situations definitely puts the body at over drive, and your gift to yourself could be complete relaxation. Like mentioned above, you can take a restful day off, or even better, chose to visit your local masseuse or spa. A good massage can rejuvenate both body and soul, and you’ll end up feeling better than ever!

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